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Welcome to the DownsTeam SendOutCards Network Marketing Training Site

Who is the DownsTeam? We are a Network Marketing training team for SendOutCards - and any other network marketers who would like to learn from us. We are common people who have made uncommon decisions with an uncommon resolve. We believe that lives lived powerfully today will result in abundant tomorrows. We know that if you "make a tree good - it's fruit will be good". Therefore we are dedicated to becoming better - from the inside out - every day. We strive to be givers! We send out to give knowing that it is ALWAYS right to give. We know that when we give we will receive back much more in return - and yet the return is not our motivation. We are a great team, excited to work (and play!) together. Can we really call this a business ... it's almost too much fun! Make no mistake though, we are committed to persistently doing the simple, duplicateable essentials that will guarantee our team's success. We are enjoying exceptional todays and confidently looking forward to phenomenal tomorrows! Enjoy our site! Everyone is welcome on our site - whether you are officially in the DownsTeam SendOutCards Network Marketing organization or not. We trust you will find it very helpful.